Our purpose is clear:
To bring back our forests.
LRI aspires to promote long-term sustainable reforestation across Lebanon through improving the connectivity of forests, giving wildlife a safer habitat, and empowering communities to work together to take positive action as stewards and protectors of their forests and environment.
LRI aims to build social stability and promote sectarian harmony in host communities, through sustainable participatory reforestation, capacity development, and protection from environmental threats.


Bringing diverse communities together to provide stewardship over their shared social and environmental corridors, to promote mentoring between neighboring communities within those corridors, and engage Syrian refugees in addressing common environmental issues
Supporting watershed protection, rural economic development and livelihood gains for sustainable communities through enhanced and expanded reforestation;
Empowering communities to anticipate and protect themselves from economic and environmental threats posed by wildfires, eroded quarries and climate change.

Team & Partners

The LRI team consists of long-term and short-term technical specialists from Lebanon, North America and Europe with academic background and experience
in forestry, agricultural economics, native tree nursery production, GIS mapping of natural resources, and environmental education and outreach.
The management staff also includes specialists responsible for program administration, finance, communications, and institutional development.


The LRI is built upon and benefits from collaborative partnerships with Lebanese national and grassroots
organizations, academic and research institutions, technical and development agencies, private enterprises
and local communities. Our partners include:

Private Sector

Donors, NGOs and other institutions


  • Association for Forests,
    Development and Conservation (AFDC) Nursery
    Ramlieh, Andket
  • The Committee of the Cedars Forest Friends
  • Tannourine Cedar
    Forest Nature
    Reserve Nursery
  • Association for the
    Protection of Jabal Moussa
    Mchate, Yahchouch
  • Native Nurseries
  • Bkassine Nursery
  • Nabat Agri Nursery
  • Kouroum Nursery
    Deir el Ahmar
  • AUB - Nature Conservation Center
    Hawch Sneid


  • North Lebanon:
    1- Bcharreh
    2- Tannourine
  • South Lebanon:
    3- Rmadyeh
  • Mount Lebanon:
    4- Kfardebian
    5- Aajaltoun
  • Nabatieh:
    6- El Qlaiaa
  • Bekaa:
    7- Rachaya
    8- Aanjar
    9- KfarZabad
  • Baalbeck-Hermel:
    10- Maqne
    11- Ainata