Empowering communities to restore
abandoned quarries.


The Lebanon Reforestation Initiative is broadening its scope of work in restoration of damaged lands by working on the restoration of abandoned quarries. The negative impacts of quarrying on the environment and the surrounding community can be alleviated through mitigation efforts including restoration of the abandoned quarries and socio-economic support for local communities. LRI will be working with a team of specialized experts to identity at least 3 abandoned quarries within the social and environmental corridors, develop restoration protocols and implement restoration activities while involving and training selected communities. Given the high visibility of degraded quarries, and the significantly negative perceptions of local communities, restoring them presents an opportunity for community engagement, empowerment, and local development. The selected communities will be brought together to discuss concerns, needs, and ultimately chart the course for the restoration of the abandoned quarry, with the objective of encouraging local citizens to return to the long-avoided areas and to alter the negative impression previous quarrying activities left in their communities.


  • Preferably located on one of the three biocorridors (North, West Beqaa and Chouf)
  • Quarry should be located on a public land with no current or ongoing quarrying contract (abandoned)
  • At least part of the quarry should be plantable
  • Highly limited natural regeneration – no regeneration of native tree species
  • Quarry’s current status presenting a risk on neighboring social or economic assets
  • Interested/active local community
  • Accessible
  • Financially feasible (restoration not over expensive)


  • Developing, implementing and monitoring restoration plans for abandoned quarries;
  • Empowering local communities while building their capacities in land restoration; and
  • Ensuring sustainability of the activities by disseminating acquired knowledge to neighboring communities and other concerned stakeholders.

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