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January 11, 2013
Rmadyeh Site Inauguration
  • Native tree stand promoting native trees of Lebanon
  • Around 200 persons from Rmadyeh community have participated in the event
  • Hassan, 8 years old representing Rmadyeh students
  • Site Signage
  • Mrs. Randa Berri cutting the site ribbon
  • Mrs. Randa Berri planting a tree

Randa Berri inaugurates a 45-hectare reforestation site in Rmadyeh

Under the patronage and in the presence of Ms. Randa Assi Berri, president of Amwaj Al Bi’a Association,a joint reforestation project with the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (LRI) in Rmadyeh, South Lebanon was launched on January 11, 2013. The event was attended officials and the community of Rmadyeh region, as well as Mohammed Bourji, Rmadyeh's head of municipality, and Richard Paton, LRI project director. This cooperative effort plans to reforest a 45-hectare site with 32,000 oak carob and pine trees.

“In recent years, South Lebanon has lost millions of trees due to forest fires, wood cutting and overharvesting.  The effects of forest destruction lead to the fragmentation and loss of the forest ecosystem benefits, which in turn has a devastating impact on the livelihoods of local communities."

"We are destroying our forests depriving our children and grandchildren of Lebanon’s natural resources,” noted Ms. Berri, “Rmadyeh’s environmental and reforestation efforts should be an inspiration for the neighboring communities and all of Lebanon”, she then added.

Richard Paton, LRI's project director emphasized the importance of this collaboration by highlighting the involvement and motivation of the Rmadyeh municipality and it’s committed citizens.

Rmadyeh's event was concluded with the planting of carob trees by the participants, giving birth to the new Rmadyeh forest site. Following the ceremony, hundreds of Rmadyeh students spent the afternoon learning reforestation techniques and participated in the planting of their future forest.