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November 2, 2013
A Plantation Volunteering Day Led by Holcim Team

Holcim Lebanon organized a Plantation Day on November 2nd, in partnership with Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (LRI).

The event falls under Holcim’s corporate volunteer program, which aims to mobilize employees to be engaged in serving local communities. The activity that took place in the village of Hadchit is a mutual collaboration between Holcim Lebanon, LRI, the Municipality of Hadchit and “Committee of the Friends of the Cedar Forest of Bcharre”, a non-governmental organization whose mission is to protect and enlarge the cedars forest cover in Bcharre and the region.

The event exemplified successful public private partnership, a key factor to ensure sustainable reforestation in Lebanon. The LRI is providing the technical assistance throughout the project; the municipality of Hadchit offered the land for reforestation, irrigation and ensures the protection of the newly reforested site from grazing, fire threats and any type of activities that might harm the planted seedlings; “Committee of the Friends of the Cedar Forest of Bcharre”” provided seedlings and expertise in plantation, monitoring the site and timely reporting on the progress; Holcim Lebanon is committed to support the site in addition to the contribution of the staff through the employee engagement activity.




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